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Delaware is a state located on the Atlantic Coast in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern regions of the United States. The state is named after Delaware Bay and River, which were named for Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr.

Delaware's agricultural output consists of poultry, nursery stock, soybeans, dairy products and corn. Its industrial outputs include chemical products, processed foods, paper products, and rubber and plastic products. Delaware's economy generally outperforms the national economy of the United States. Delaware does not assess a state-level tax on real or personal property. Real estate is subject to county property taxes, school district property taxes, vocational school district taxes, and, if located within an incorporated area, municipal property taxes. provides information on Delaware travel guide, Delaware transportation, Delaware environment, Delaware shopping, Delaware society, Delaware real estate, Delaware entertainment, Delaware arts, Delaware mortgage services, Delaware education, Delaware computer networking, Delaware news, Delaware business, Delaware economy, Delaware health insurance, Delaware healthcare, Delaware shopping centers, Delaware medical centers and more.

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